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We’ve built the company based on our reputation and by word of mouth. We take pride in the partnerships we’ve created, the support we’ve offered and the fast array of products we inventory. The Primus Golf brand’s greatest claim to fame is our consistent ability to deliver quality products in a timely manner. We sell apparel. Balls, hats, etc. branded with our name in them just to name a few items. Located in Southern California we stock over 5000+ SKU’s, with our recent expansion we now occupy over 20,000 square feet of warehouse space. We’ve strategically partnered with some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry, as you can see we’ve posted a few of them on our website.

We’ve invested over $100,000 in golf training equipment with the idea of providing you the consumer with accurate information and data relevant to your golf swing and the equipment in question.

We have relocated and changed our business model from an indoor range to a professional teaching facility.

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