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Where are you located?

We are conveniently located in Wildomar, CA. Our facility faces the 15 freeway. Click here for a map!

Do I need to book a reservation to hit balls?

No. However, reservations are recommended during peak hours, such as the evenings and weekends.

Do I need to book a reservation for the simulator?

Reservations for the simulator room are highly recommended. Please call (951) 696-4499 to book your tee time.

How long would it take for me and a friend to do a round of golf in the simulator?

Most golfers can complete a full 18 holes in our simulator in under 2 hours.

Do I need to bring my own clubs?

Yes. Although we do have demo clubs on hand, they are for fitting purposes only.

What are your hours?

Primus Golf Academy is open from 9am till 6pm Monday-Friday.

I've never golfed before. Where do I start?

Welcome to golf! If you've never golfed, then you don't have any bad habits yet, so congratulations! Swing by our indoor golf facility any day of the week and one of our instructors will be glad to introduce you to the fundamentals of a proper golf swing.