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Primus Golf Academy offers extensive club repair and customization services. Our Club Repair Technicians are experienced in the art of professionally servicing and repairing golf clubs. To ensure that the work you have done to your golf clubs is ideal for you, we offer custom club fitting services. To aid in the transition from old clubs to new, we also offer a club trade-in program.

Club Repair

Whether your shaft is too long or too short, your grip is too soft or too firm, or your loft and lie need some adjustment, our experienced Club Technicians at Primus Golf Academy offer the club repair and customization services you need. For a full list of our custom club services, please click here.

Club Fitting

Not sure what you need done to your clubs? Our certified fitting specialists are trained in the art of custom club fitting. Our staff will use our precision launch monitor technology to analyze your swing and fit you for the ideal set of clubs for you. To learn more about our custom club fitting services, please click here.

Club Trade-In Program

Has your game out-grown that old set of golf clubs? Trade in your old golf clubs today for credit toward a new set. With a personalized club fitting and custom club options, you will know that your new set will last even longer and perform even better than your old golf clubs. Also, as we are a PGA Recognized Trade-In Facility, you will rest easy knowing that you are receiving a fair value for your clubs.