About Our Indoor Golf Range

We accommodate beginner and professional level golf enthusiasts by providing an in-depth analysis of your game. Our virtual golf system collects a comprehensive overview of your swing, shot, and ball aerodynamics that helps you focus on your weaknesses.

Our Indoor Golf Range is a great way for players to enjoy golfing with the added convenience of having over 84 different golf courses to choose from. Our data is provided to you on a large screen, and on your mobile phone in an easy to understand manner. We include a Trackman Golf Sensor that allows you to practice golf indoor with the same accuracy as outdoor!

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Learn How To Play Golf Like The Pros

At Primus Golf Academy located in Lake Elsinore, California we offer a unique approach to help you master your game. Our private golf lessons assist golf enthusiasts and champion golf players by offering a selection of golf tools, resources, and training.

As you swing we capture your club head speed, path, and face angle using a combination of cameras and radar sensors to display accurate real-time data. We've fine-tuned our curriculum to include a broad range of training lessons covering Long Game as well as Short Game fundamentals to help you shape your craft.